International residencies and festivals

Presentation at the literary residency Zvona i Nari (Ližnjan, Croatia) in August 2014 (with Natalija Grgorinić)

The international festivals, literary residencies and various other cultural events in which Giovanni Agnoloni has taken part or is going to take part shortly:

September 2018: literary residency in Split (Croatia) organized by “Udruga KURS”, with a reading in town, and immediately afterwards (October 1st) reading in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

August 2018: participation in the cultural festival “Birr Vintage Week” (in Birr, Ireland) with an English prose and poetry reading at the art residency “Tin Jug studio” together with the Irish author Eileen Casey.

May 2018: presentation of his novel L’ultimo angolo di mondo finito in Berlin, at the Italian bookshop “Mondolibro”, and of his novel Senderos de noche at the bookshop-cultural center “Andenbuch”.

April 2018: participation as a foreign guest in a New York reading organized by the “Literary Lights Writers Group” at the Jefferson Market Library, in Manhattan (on April 11th), and lecture at the Fordham University’s Lincoln Center on the theme Internet between freedom of expression and ‘mafia-like’ dynamics(on April 12th, within Prof. Joseph Perricone’s course);

March 2018: Participation in the festival “In punta di Toscana” (focused on Tuscan writers) in Udine (Italia) for a debate on literary translation and a presentation of his novel L’ultimo angolo di mondo finito;

March 2018: series of lectures around Switzerland for the “Società Dante Alighieri” (in Baden and Bienne), and a lecture for the students of the Italian Section of St. Gallen High School;

September 2017: literary residency at Gunnarshús (Reykjavík, Iceland) (organized by the Writers’ Union of Iceland), with a participation in a reading within the context of Reykjavík International Literary Festival.

End of July 2017: brief literary residency at the Tin Jug Studio (Birr, Ireland), and a reading organized by them at a local pub.

November 2016: Lectures around Poland on his novel Sentieri di notte in its Polish translation Ścieżki nocy at the University of Warsaw, at the Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie (Warsaw), at the University of Łódź, at the University of Wrocław, and at the Jagellonian University (Krakow) – and various other presentations in bookshops and cultural venues in Warsaw, Sopot, Wrocław and Krakow;

June 2016: Literary residency at the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators (Visby, Sweden), with a reading organized by the local Catholic church;

March 2016: Literary residency in Ljubljana, organized by the Slovene Writers’ Association (Dane Zajc Writers’ Studio);

March 2016: Participation as a foreign guest at the “Odense Lyrik” Literary Festival (Odense, Denmark), with the financial of the Danish Arts Foundation;

October 2015: Literary residency at the Casa del Traductor (Tarazona, Spain), with the financial support of the Municipality of Tarazona, and presentation of his novel Senderos de noche at the “Arrebato Libros” bookshop in Madrid;

July-August 2015: Literary residency at Hald Hovedgaard (Viborg, Denmark), with the financial support of the Danish Centre for Writers and Translators, and participation in a reading with other authors there;

July 2015: Literary residency at Ada Lab (Vicenza, Italy) and presentation of his books there;

August 2014: Literary residency at Zvona i Nari, (Ližnjan, Croatia) and participation in a presentation and reading with other authors there;

May 2014: Presentation of his fiction works at the University of Wrocław (Poland);

May 2014: Presentation of his novel Senderos de noche at the “La Rayuela” bookshop in Berlin;

March 2014: Presentation of his fiction works in the Netherlands, at the University of Utrecht, the “Bonardi” bookshop in Amsterdam and a local club of Italian readers;

April 2009: Lectures on his Tolkien researches at the Penn State University, the Mount St. Mary’s University and the College of Charleston, in the Unites States, upon invitation and with the financial support of the respective institutions;

August 2005: Participation in the convention celebrating the 50 the anniversary of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings in Birmingham, UK (Aston University), and speech on the theme Tolkien as a Benchmark of Comparative Literature;

April 2005: Presentations of his Tolkien researches at the Luzern, Aarau, Olten, Berne and Aarau seats of the “Società Dante Alighieri”, in Switzerland;

– Over the years, several presentations of his book around Italy.