Interview by Giovanni Agnoloni


I had the pleasure of interviewing Bruce Sterling on the occasion of the NeXT-Fest, the first festival entirely focused on Connettivismo (Connectivism), which took place in Rome from the 26th to the 28th October 2012. It was very interesting to talk with this most amiable American writer, among the founders of cyperpunk literature (he was the editor of the short story collection Mirrorshades, whose contributors were the protagonists of such a great sci-fi literature experience). Thus, I had the chance of getting to know interesting aspects not only related to his work as a narrator, but also to his activity as a blogger, to Connectivism (that he has always followed with lots of attention) and to Italy, where, although he travels around the world pretty often, he spends part of his time.

Bruce Sterling (from Wikipedia)

– What fascinates you in nowadays’s world? What makes you think and imagine?

I like working on my web blog, and the topics that I follow on my web blog. And they tend to change with time. Because I am a dilettante, and I lose interest in things. Sometimes I pick them up later. But I usually have kind of a rolling set of interests that are vaguely connected in my head. So, right now on my blog I have several categories and one is called Design Fiction and it’s about speculative kind of design and industrial design and services that don’t exist yet. So, I find this really exciting right now, I think it’s kind of a hot field. It’s an area where I know a lot of people, and I’m familiar with how they think. It seems to me to be a growing thing. It’s not a genre and it’s not really design, but it’s like a form of activism that’s new. And there’s also a little bit of Architecture Fiction, which is about speculative buildings, future cities and so forth… and I have a category which is called Tech Art, which is about people practicing electronic art, art on networks and device art. Leggi tutto “INTERVIEWING BRUCE STERLING ON CYBERPUNK, CONNECTIVISM AND ITALY”