During the literary residency that I am going to complete in a few days at H.A.L.D. (Viborg, Denmark) I’ve had the opportunity to carry on the writing of the last novel of my “series of the end of internet”, and I’ve also had the pleasure to participate, on August 6th 2015, in a collective reading together with the other international authors hosted in the residence – Dénes Krusovszky (Hungarian), Karen Jennings (South African), Victoria Cáceres (Argentinian) and Kim Simonsen (from the Faroe Islands), with an excerpt from my first novel Sentieri di notte (Galaad Edizioni) and its English version being currently completed.

I wish to thank them all, as well as the hosts and organizers Peter Q. Rennes and his wife Gitte and the Danish writers who were also guests of H.A.L.D.. A special thanks to Victoria, who read my passage in English and took the first three among the following photos:

Reading presso la residenza letteraria H.A.L.D. (Viborg, Danimarca), il 6 agosto 2015 (foto di Victoria Cáceres)
During the reading


Con Karen Jennings e Peter Q. Rennes durante un'escursione nel nord-ovest della Danimarca
With Karen Jennings and Peter Q. Rennes during a trip to the North-West of Denmark
Al lavoro nel soggiorno di H.A.L.D.
Working in H.A.L.D.’s living room
In attesa del reading, da sx, Katrine Louise Nielsen, io, Karen Jennings e Victoria Cáceres (foto di Marianne Joergensen)
Before the reading, Katrine Louise Nielsen, me, Karen Jennings and Victoria Cáceres (photo by Marianne Joergensen)
Outside H.A.L.D.’s entrance, with Dénes Krusovszky, Sally Altschuler, Katrine Louise Nielsen, Ulla Gjedde, Karen Jennings and Victoria Cáceres (photo by Anita Lillevang)



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