Two Poems by Michele Sanderson

Michele Sanderson in American poetess from California. Here are two luminous poems of hers.


Time to break through
Time to clarify
Time to be at Peace

There are waves of time
There are blips in time
There are timeless moments
To reach our soul’s destination

Endless Time

What do any of us really know about time?

Wise men have been known to say there is no time
Like the present.


The hummingbirds are courting the songbirds are singing
Spring is in the air
Rolling green hills, the warm sun on your skin, finally winter is over
The snows will start thawing, children will start laughing and the lady bugs will start flying in the air
The trees are buzzing with the bees, you can see the eternal spring in every flower, and each petal unfolds to breathe in the sunlight
The best medicine the sweet smells of springtime
Greeting the soft rays of sunshine

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